Art Direct members can get access to premium services offered by our team. If you want to know more, please contact us.

What does Art Direct do? 

We provide online access to the most exciting, cutting-edge contemporary artists, exhibitions, and galleries from around the world, bringing the best in contemporary art to a global audience. Art Direct's Instagram is the online destination to explore exhibitions, discover contemporary artists and galleries, and keep in touch with the latest in the art world.

Are you going to have artworks for sale?

Not at this moment. However, there are occasionally 24-48 hour art sales announced on our Instagram account. For the latest news and announcements, please sign up for our newsletter or follow the social media links at the bottom of this page.

How can my gallery get more exposure? 

Art Direct partners with galleries and institutions to create premium content to a growing online audience of art collectors. Our aim is to help galleries and institutions to be expressive through online media and unleash creativity with our guidance and encouragement.

We provide the tools, support, and path of growth needed to elevate your online voice in the 21st-century art market. Offerings to partners may include content development, production, promotion, distribution, and marketing.

Do you offer art advisory and valuation services? 

Art Direct does not offer traditional art advisory or valuation services. As an artist, dealer or collector, you're invited to partner with Art Direct to make your work accessible to a global audience.

Who can join Art Direct? 

Art Direct is open to anyone who wants to join. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you do, as long as you enjoy art. Our mission is to make art more accessible, and give people the power to discover, collect and promote art.

My question is not here! What now?

If you’d like to learn more or have specific questions about Art Direct or just want to share your feedback about our website, please feel free to contact us.

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